You don’t have to own a power plant to change the world. Our homes and work spaces are becoming increasingly urban. We advocate for Australian native plants and farm-to-plate food production. Fuel for humans is a form of biofuel and bringing it closer to home reduces energy demands on our fossil fuel dependent supply chain.

Our team of passionate gardeners, landscapers and aquarists will convert any space into a lush sanctuary of moving water and air purifying plants. Functionality remains key with a foccus on edible plants with minimal maintenance.

Want to improve your families’ mental and physical health? Simple efforts like snipping off some herbs for lunch can make a world of difference.

Our systems include kitchen scrap composting, green walls, automated irrigation and aquaponics for any sized balcony or office. Permaculture gardeners and homesteaders will welcome the easy setup. Custom designs and installation also include regular and reliable maintenance.

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