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Growing sources of sustainable food and fuel



The technology to supply the future starts here. Our processes integrate natural systems with controls for anyone to operate. Grow food or fuel with on-site refineries for product ready at the source.

Our years of proprietary research, design and construction give your operations the edge. Be the start of the supply chain. Sustainable food and fuel is ready to be made today.


At the cutting edge of Australia’s biofuel industry, BFI provides consulting, project engineering and educational services. We are not just a hardware supplier, we offer a complete service for business and community connections.

We pride ourselves on our customer relationships. We speak your language.


Believe in our mission? Wear your heart on your sleeve. Look good while doing good.

Support our growing startup with unique designs and products.



Coming Soon 2019

Growing your professional skillset is a lifelong process. A range of BFI workshops will help develop your business and communication skills. Made by scientists for scientists and run by Workshop Wizard, Emma Donnelly. Get your idea from lab to industry today.



Make your presentations pop with reliable facts and figures. Share our mission with our ready to ship Posters. Discounts for educators and community outreach.

Get in touch for custom designs for your specific projects.


Domestic Projects

Green your space while growing your own food. Reduce demand on our fossil fuel driven supply chain. Urban gardens provide local communities with food production and organic waste recycling.

Join us in revitalising 5000 years of Australian native plant food culture. Our systems can be readily integrated into your home, office or business.


Industrial Projects

We are builders. From biodiesel refineries to seaweed farms. Taking science to the next level with a focus on large scale production. We are commercialising cutting edge technology and implementing a new economy today.


Building a sustainable economy

The technology is here. Make the supply chain sustainable. Build a future proof business.